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Trying to decide whether you should hire someone directly, just temp, or temp-to-hire?

There are many factors that must be considered when hiring on a new employee to your organization.  The following is a list of some of the benefits of each:

Contract or Temporary Staff:

Use on an as-needed basis for your company requirements--usually with immediate availability.

Use in a hiring freeze--often times companies have budgets set aside for project workers.

No additional costs associated with hiring someone as a Contract Employee--a $70K/year salaried worker can actually cost up to $88K/year!!        


Quick hiring process when compared to a typical Direct Hire.

Good "try-out" period before hiring the person on permanently.

Eliminates hiring expenses involved when using a qualified staffing agency.

If the person is not working out in the position, they can be replaced much more easily than a permanent person.

Direct Hire:

Candidates can be recruited directly from competitors or other companies.

The pool of candidates is much more competitive when hiring directly using a Recruiter.

An overall feeling of acceptance for the candidate into the new company.

Usually a more attractive opportunity to any prospective candidates.